Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering


A short Brief About the Branch


First: Graduates of Computer Engineering Branch and the reality of work

Graduates of computer engineering branch could have a role to work in many ministries and sectors of employment including oil, electricity, industry, communications, health and many ministries or other work sites, and  because of the nature of the study that covers practical and theoretical  aspects in many diverse topics such as computers and its applications , programming and databases, communications, computer networks and computer-automated control systems in addition to the basics of electrical and electronic engineering.

Second: the nature of the study and granted certificate

Computer engineering branch gives the graduates of the preliminary study a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. The duration of the study is four-year the Educational System is  annual. During the study period, the student is provided by variety of theoretical and scientific knowledge which gives him/her the necessary basics to deal with the digital system's design like digital computers , as well as with a variety of their applications.

Theoretical subjects which are given during the study period combines among the basics of electrical engineering and electronic, digital systems design, microcomputers, computer architecture, and computer applications , computer's uses , and computer networks, and other key subjects  including programming , mathematics, numerical analysis , communication, control, in addition to other support subjects.

There is a focus on the laboratory practical side during the study, and this is evident through the many laboratories that the student deals with them during his/her study which are related with academic theoretical subjects, in which  the student is dealing with an average of ten different laboratories. This is in addition to the workshops lectures where students are trained in the first year, on a variety of skills, for example, Lathing , blacksmithing ,carpentry , Tinsmithing and electrical installations.

Third : Research interests

The branch’s teaching staff is interested in many research topics we can include some of them below:
1. The design of computer networks.
2. The security of data and communications through computers.
3. The digital computers and microcontrollers applications in monitoring and automatic control.
4. artificial intelligence systems and research methods for optimal solutions.
5. Evolutionary computing.
6. Image and signal processing applications
7. Modeling and systems definition
8. Design of digital systems.
9. Applications of shapes state theory in engineering.

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