Control Engineering

Control Engineering

A short Brief About the Branch

Control engineering branch is considered to be the first branch that was established in control and systems engineering department in 1975 at the same year in which the university of technology has been established , this branch is considered to be one of the kind as specialization in Iraq, the mentioned branch provides  engineering graduates   control engineering specialization in order to Incarcerate them in working and developing  the Iraqi industry.


The goals:

Control engineering branch aims to offer the students with subjects in regard with all of control engineering fields according to international standards. The lectures that are given provides  a great basics  in aspects of mathematics, physics, electronics, engineering drawings, and applied mechanic, thermodynamics programming techniques, electrical machines, measurements, fluids and fundamentals of communication engineering. Also  other lectures are given based upon specialized subjects which are involving :- control engineering theories , advanced control engineering , systems  identification , programmable logic controller, digital signal processing, industry engineering, computer control, robotics, process control, adaptive control, intelligent systems, microcomputers, programmable machines   micro-controller, digital signal processing  computer interfacing , and the engineering project.



Control engineering branch has been supplied with laboratories in order to support the available control engineering fields which prepare the student to deal, in effective and efficient ways, with the practical engineering work, these laboratories include:

1.     Control laboratory.

2.     Computer control laboratory.

3.     Communication laboratory,

4. components and measurement laboratory

4.     Programmable logic controllers (PLC) laboratory.

The laboratory can host approximately 20 students in each lecture.


Research Interests:

Research interest of this branch is considered with all fields which regard in control engineering science include robotics, artificial intelligent, computer control engineering, adaptive control, neural network, fuzzy logic techniques and genetic algorithm.

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