Mechatronics Engineering

About the branch :-

Trucks - Heavy Vehicles Boats - Jet Ski Other Vehicles & Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones - Factories and many other products are also mechatronics in nature.


What is Mechatronics :-

The simplest definition of mechatronics is a branch of geometry Which integrates Mechanics Mechanics, Electronic Electronics, computer systems and advanced controls to design and build products and processes. It is the design of computer controlled electromechanical systems  It includes automation systems, robotics, neural prosthetics, MEMS, and many more advanced stage techniques.

Mechatronics Engineering is one of the most modern branches of engineering and has far-reaching applications for each sector of society, but its topics are related to the traditional engineering fields as shown in Figure .


What does mean of mechatronics engineering :-

Mechatronic means that the product or method of production includes a mechanical installation that contains actuators (usually high-precision electric motors and solenoids), a microprocessor to control the general operation of the system, and sensor sensors to allow the microprocessor to monitor the state of the system and electronics to deliver parts The other together.

The first appearance of the word was in Japan and the beginning of its use was in the late sixties at Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. and was used to refer to the electronic control of the electric company's engines. This expression remained popular in Japan and was usually referring to the process of integrating the mechanical parts and was broadly referring to electronics to sensor sensors and semiconductor control devices and optoelectronic devices .

Japan is the world's first producer and user of robots as well as many types of advanced mechatronics systems for industrial production applications. In addition, it produces a large number of different types of mechatronics components, including high-performance engines and CCD image sensors. Japan is ranked near the top in the development and production of microcontrollers and digital signal processors

The word "Micatronics" has been widely used in Europe for many years, although it has been slowly accepted as a field of study and practice in the United States and the United Kingdom. But the increasing number of undergraduate and graduate classes is proving increasingly accepted around the world.


What are the advantages between Mechatronics and of electromechanical systems? 

1- Switching some of the functions of mechanical electronic and software one, this leads to more flexibility of the process and design

2- Increase the speed and accuracy of performance

3- Ability to manage, organize and report on a set of automated data and currently have the ability to operate distributed control in complex systems


 Development are stages of mechatronics :-  

The simplest way to get to know this is to look at some of the key techniques and representative applications that have been added to each contract.

 In the 1970s, mechatronics was associated with servo technology used in products such as automatic focus cameras, automatic door opener and automatic focus cameras.

During the 1980s, microcontrollers were added to mechanical systems to improve product performance, reduce cost and reduce size. Many applications included a numerically controlled machine tools,

The 1990s were marked by the growing growth of communications technology, which helped connect networks to networks.


Skills of Mechatronics Engineers :-

Mechatronics engineers have the main skills of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.They can solve many electrical and mechanical problems and software problems and allow them to participate or lead design teams.

Mechatronics engineers have computer skills, microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), computer programming, industrial sensors, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drives, mechanical structures and mechanisms, as well as their knowledge of manufacturing processes .


Workplaces of Mechatronics :-

Mechatronics engineers work in industry, defense and space sectors, government and industry research groups. Where there is a possibility of improvement through the integration of computers and electrical devices with mechanical systems and also there are opportunities for graduates to form their own companies early in their careers .

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