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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    postgraduate in the Department                     Accepted Student Master\'s thesis&Ph.D     Postgraduate in control and systems engineering department has been founded in (1975-1976) in order to create specialized staffs to keep pace with the industrial developments in that time. First cycle of Higher Diploma in Applied Computer Engineering has been first opened and it was only one year to get higher diploma certificate.   Six cycles have been graduated since (1982-1981) ,the number of graduates was (102).then a common study in form of institute was established between the university of technology and the national center of computers (which was linked with the ministry of planning at that time) and then it linked with the ministry of higher education and research (today it is called as Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics ).   In the year (1976-1977), the department opened the master's study in control and instruments engineering as well as computers engineering. Ph.D. study in control and computers engineering has been opened in 1995 and master's study in mechatronics engineering has been introduced in 1996 and Ph.D. study for the same discipline in 2002. Since the late nineties, there were three courses graduation for   doctorate degree and three for master’s degree for the three fields:   1-    Control and Instruments Engineering. 2-    Computer Engineering. 3-    Mechatronics Engineering.     The terms to be eligible for acceptance in the postgraduate study In order to apply to the post graduate study (Master degree) in the department the applicant should have a Bachelor degree in control and systems engineering in one of the department's three specialties: control, computer, mechatronics, and have   no less than 65% as an average within the first quarters of graduates in his year of graduation and that according to the instructions issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research. While in order to get a doctorate degree  it has been  required from the applicant to have a Master degree in the  desired field  and because of the exceptional  circumstances that  the country has been through, the doctorate study has been suspended   since the year(  2003-2004), the master study  also suspended for the academic  year  (2005-2006),and then the Master study for the Mechatronics engineering has been re-opened for the academic year (2010-2011)and (7)students has been admitted that year and the year after that the master study for the computer  engineering also re-opened for a total number of admitted students (11),While the admission procedure continued for the Master study In Mechatronics engineering and( 13) student were eligible  for acceptances .For the academic year  ( 2012-2013) the department admitted (10 )students for the postgraduate study.   Hence the re-opening of the post graduate study requires   the availability of at least  the minimum number of advanced  teaching staff ,the instruments ,and the financial allocations. And there are good indicators encourages the re-opening of the master study in Control and Mechatronics fields for the academic year (2014-2015).                         

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  • syllabus

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Teaching Strategies for All Stages Teaching Strategy for The First Stage - Control Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The First Stage-Computer Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The First Stage- Mechatronics Engineering Branch.  Teaching Strategy for The First Stage - Medical Control System Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Second Stage- Control Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Second Stage- Computer Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Second Stage- Mechatronics Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Second Stage- Medical Control System Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Third Stage - Control Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Third Stage - Computer Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Third Stage - Mechatronics Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Third Stage - Medical Control System Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Fourth Stage - Control Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Fourth Stage - Computer Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Fourth Stage - Mechatronics Engineering Branch. Teaching Strategy for The Fourth Stage - Medical Control Engineering Branch.

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  • alumni

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Alumni  Year Phd Msc Higher Diploma Bachelor 2018 2017           2016           2015          2014          2013         2012         2011         2010         2009          2008         2007         2006         2005         2004         2003         2002         2001           2000        

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Completed Preliminary studies documents   Completed postgraduate documents  

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  • undergraduate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Instructions for writing graduation project Graduation project template                         Control Branch Computer Branch Mechatronics Branch Medical Control Branch



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The most Important Books Available in the library
  Book Title The author's name Publishing Year


A Course In Multivariable Calculus And Analysis Sudhir R. Ghorpade Balmohan V. Limaye Springer 2010


Adaptive Systems With Reduced Models
Ra. IoannouR V. Kokotovic Springer 1983


Afirst Course In Differential Equations J.David Logan Springer 2006
4 Ageometric Approach To Differential Forms David Bachman Birkhauser 2006
5 Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification T.Ogunfunmi Springer 2007
6 Advanced Motion Control And Sensing For Intelligent Vehicles Lili/Fei-Yue Wang Springer 2007
Advanced Strategies In Control Systems With Input And Output Constraints
Sophie Tarbouriech ,Germain Garcia ,Adolf (H.Glattfelder(Eds Springer 2007
Advances In Variable Structure And Sliding Mode Control
C. Edwards E. Fossas Colet  L. Fridman (Eds Springer 2006
An Introduction To Difference Equations Third Edition
Saber Elaydi Springer 2005
Analog And Digital Circuits For Electronic Control System Applications.
Jerry Luecke Elsevier 2005
11 Analysis And Synthesis Of Dynamical Systems With Time-Delays. Yuanqing Xia, Mengyin Fu, And Peng Shi Springer 2009
12 Automotive Model Predictive Control. Models, Methods And Applications
  Luigi Del Re, Frank Allgِwer, Luigi Glielmo,
    Carlos Guardiola, And Ilya Kolmanovsky (Eds.) 
Springer 2010
Averaging Methods In Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Second Edition.
          J.A. Sanders F. Verhulst J. Murdock Springer 1985
14 Basic Elements Of Real Analysis.     Murray H. Protter Springer 1998
15 B´Ezier And Splines In Image Processing And Machine Vision          Sambhunath Biswas • Brian C. Lovell Springer 2008
16 Complex Analysis In The Spirit Of Lipman Bers.           Jane P. Gilman Rubí E. Rodr Guez Irwin Kra  Springer 2007
17 Feedback and Control for Everyone    Pedro Albertos
  Iven Mareels
Springer 2010
18 Control of Complex Systems Structural Constraints and Uncertainty Aleksandar I. Zeˇcevi´c • Dragoslav D. Šiljak Springer 2010
19 Data Acquisition Tecliniques Using PCs Second Edition Howard Austerlitz


20 Differential Equations: Theory and Applications. Second Edition David Betounes springer 2010
21 Differential Geometryof Curves and Surfaces.A Concise Guide Vladimir Y. Rovenski Birkh¨auser 2006
22 Dynamical SystemsStability, Controllability andChaotic Behavior Werner Krabs • Stefan Pickl springer 2010
23 Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior Second Edition Ralph H. Abraham and Christopher D. Shaw Addison-Wesley 1992
24 DYNAMICS OF SMART STRUCTURES Dr. Ranjan Vepa wiley 2010
25 ElementaryDifferential Geometry.Second Edition Andrew Pressley springer 2010
26 Foundations of Optimization Osman Güler springer 2010
27 Geometrical Dynamics of Complex Systems VLADIMIR G. IVANCEVI and  TIJANA T. IVANCEVIC springer 2006
28 Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry Gabor Toth springer 2002
29 Hydraulic control systems-design and analysis of their dynamics Peter dransfield springer 1981
30 Implicit Functionsand Solution MappingsA View from Variational Analysis Asen L. Dontchev • R. Tyrrell Rockafellar springer 2009
31 Intelligent control systems using computational intelligence techniques. a.e.ruano iet 2008
32 Introduction to Modeling and Control of Internal Combustion Engine Systems Lino Guzzella and Christopher H. Onder springer 2010
33 Introduction to Numerical Methods in Differential Equations Mark H. Holmes springer 2007
34 Introduction to Optimization Pablo Pedregal springer 2004
35 Liapunov Functions and Stabilit in Control Theory 2nd Edition. Andrea Bacciotti and Lionel Rosier springer 2005
36 Limit Cycles of Differential Equations Colin Christopher

 Chengzhi Li

Birkhäuser Verlag 2007
37 Linear, Time-varying Approximations to Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Applications in Control and Optimization. Marيa Tomلs-Rodrيguez and Stephen P. Banks springer 2010
38 Manufacturing Systems Control Design. AMatrix-based Approach
 Stjepan Bogdan,

Frank L. Lewis ,


and Mireles Jr

springer 2006
39 Mathematical Methods for Robust and Nonlinear Control. Matthew C. Turner, Declan G. Bates (Eds.) springer 2007
40 Mathematical Systems Theory I Modelling, State Space Analysis Stability and Robustness. Diederich Hinrichsen Anthony J. Pritchard springer 2010
41 Measurement Systems and Sensors Waldemar Nawrocki ARTECH HOUSE 2005
Mechatronics Dynamics of Electromechanical and Piezoelectric Systems
A. PREUMONT springer 2006
43 The mechatronics systems ,sensors,and  actuators fundamentals and modeling. Robert h. bishop Crc press 2008
44 Mic 8051 microcontroller architecture,programming,and applications. Kenneth j.ayala West publishing 1991
45 Mic 8051-mackenzie. -mackenzie Prentice hall 1995
46 Modelling, Monitoring and DiagnosticTechniques for Fluid Power Systems. John Watton springer 2007
47 Modern Sliding Mode Control Theory New Perspectives and Applications.
Giorgio Bartolini,

Leonid Fridman,

Alessandro Pisano,

Elio Usai (Eds.)

springer 2008
48 Nonlinear Vibration with Control For Flexible and Adaptive Structures. David Wagg • Simon Neild springer 2010
49 Optimal Control Richard Vinter Birkh¨auser 2000
50 Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications . Carmen Chicone springer 2006
51 Ordinary Differential Equationswith Applications to Mechanics. Mircea V. SoarePetre P. TeodorescuIleana Toma springer 2000
PC Based Instrumentation and Control
Mike Tooley Elsevier 2005
53 Programmable logic controllers .5th.ed. w.bolton Elsevier 2009
L. A. Bryan
E. A. Bryan 
Industrial Text Company  1997
55 Reading, Writing, and Proving A Closer Look at Mathematics Ulrich Daepp Pamela Gorkin springer 2003
56 Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis Fourth Edition Jürgen Jost springer 2005
Robust Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed

Differential quatiEons Convection-Diffusion-Reaction

and Flow Problems Second Edition
Hans-Gِrg Roos
Martin Stynes

Lutz Tobiska

springer 2008
58 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS IN MECHATRONICS Design and Applications Andrzej M. Pawlak Taylor & Francis Group 2007
59 The Theory of Differential Equations Classical and Qualitative Second Edition Walter G. Kelley • Allan C. Peterson springer 2010
Vehicle Dynamics and Control
Rajesh Rajamani springer 2006
61 Efficient Modeling and Controlof Large-Scale Systems Javad Mohammadpour Karolos M. springer 2010
62 Elementary Differential Geometry Revised Second Edition. Barrett O’Neill Elsevier 2006
63 Fault-tolerant Control Systems Design and Practical Applications. Hassan Noura • Didier Theilliol

Jean-Christophe Ponsart • Abbas Chamseddine

springer 2009
Feedback Control of Large-Scale Systems
Jan Lunze Prentice Hall 1992
65 Feed back system. Input-output properties. Charles a.desoer m.vidyasagar siam 2009
FLUID POWER CIRCUITS and CONTROLS Fundamentals and Applications
John S. Cundiff Crc press 2002
67 Foundations of mechanics.2nd.ed. Ralph Abraham,jerrold e.marsden. Addison-wesly 1978
68 Geometric control theory. Velimir jurdjevic Cambridge university press 1997
Bronistaw Jakubczyk
Witold Respondek


Handbook of Di®erential Equations3rd edition
Daniel Zwillinger Academic Press, 1997

3rd Edition.

Aidan O’Dwyer Imperial College Press 2009
72 Hydraulic control systems. Herbert e.merritt John wiley 1967
73 Inter polating cubic splines Gary d.knott birkhauser 2000
74 Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos. Second Edition. Stephen Wiggins springer 2003
Hilbert Spaces with Applications. Third Edition
Lokenath Debnath Piotr Mikusi ´ nski Elsevier 2005
76 An introduction to inequalities. Edwin beckenbach,Richard bellman. Random house 1961
77 Introduction to real analysis.3rd.ed. Robert g. bartle,Donald r. sherbert. John wiley 2000
Introduction to Robotics Mechanics and Control Third Edition.
John J. Craig Prentice Hall 2005
79 L2-gain and passivity techniques in non linear control. Arjan van der schaft springer 2000
80 Lagrangian and HamiltonianMethods for NonlinearControl 2006 Francesco Bullo, Kenji Fujimoto springer 2007
81 Linear algebra. g.hadley Addison-wesley 1962
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