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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          About the postgraduate studies in the Control and Systems Engineering Department Postgraduates competitive exam subjects for the academic year 2020-2021 Postgraduate admission plan Electronic competitive exam   Submission and admission Regulation to postgraduate studies inside Iraq for the academic year 2019-2020  Postgraduate studies passing conditions    

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Control Engineering  The first stage The second stage The third stage The fourth stage Computer And Control Engineering The first stage The second stage The third stage The fourth stage  Mechatronics Engineering  The first stage The second stage The third stage The fourth stage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Year Phd Msc Bachelor 2019 ---   2018 ---- 2017 ----       2016 ----       2015 ----      2014 ----      2013 ---- ----   2012 ---- ----   2011 ---- ----   2010 ---- ----   2009        2008       2007       2006       2005       2004       2003       2002       2001       2000      

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  • electronic learning

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ELECTRONIC LEARNING 2019-2020 ELECTRONIC LEARNING 2018-2019    

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Completed Preliminary studies documents   Completed postgraduate documents  

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lectures Graduation Project Scientific links that contribute to the development of teaching and learning Our environment is our life, so let us all cooperate to preserve it module system booklet  

Year student's Name

Supervisor          NameName         

2017 Noora Off Abdul Rahman    Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Design of Sliding Mode Controllers for Linear and Nonlinear System
2017 Ali Hadi Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Robust PI-PD Controller for Antilock Braking System
2017 Marwa Mohammed Alwan Assist.prof.Dr.LAITH JASIM SAUD Design and Implementation of Sliding Mode Controllers for Ball and Plate System 
16/2/2017 Lauy Thameir Rasheed Assist. Prof.Dr. Ahmed Sabah Al-Araji cognitive Nonlinear Fractional Order PID Neural Controller Design for Mobile Robot
16/2/2017 Zain AL-abdeen mohammed Shareef Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Robust Controller Design for Mobile Inverted Pendulum System
16/2/2017 Akram Hashim Hameed Assist.Prof.Dr.Amajd Jalil Humaidi  Robustness Enhancement of MRAC Using Modification Techniques for Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor  
16/2/2016 Mustafa Hussein Mishary Dr. Shibly Ahmed Hameed Sliding mode Observer for state and Perturbation
32/5/2016 Hussein Adnan Ali Assist. Prof.Dr.Safanah Mudheher Raafat Robust Control Analysis and Design of Hap tic Control System for Medical Application  
15/3/2015 Zaid Mohammed Khudher Assist. Prof .Dr. Farazdak Rafeec Yasien Design of Fuzzy- Like Position Controller for Permanent Magnet Stepper Motion
19/2/2015 Rasha Mohammed Naji Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Optimal Tuning of State Feedback Controller for Rotary Inverted Pendulum Using Particles Warm Optimization
17/9/2015 Ruaa Muayed Said Dr. Shibly Ahmed Hameed Improved Sliding mode Control Design to Electromechanical Systems
3/2/2015 Shahad Sabeeh Ghintab Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Yousif Hassan Intelligent Controller Design of Rehabilitation Robot for Lower Limbs Movement 
14/4/2015 Mohammed Khazal Hamza Assist. Prof.Dr Mohamed Jasim Mohamed Optimal Intelligent Kinematic Controller to The Wheeled Mobile Robot for Trajectory Tracking   
26/4/2015 Kadhim Yakoob Yousif Assist. Prof.Dr.Amajd Jalil Humaidi Optimal Robust Controller Design for Blood Glucose System
19/2/2015 Mohammed Fadhil Hadi Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Robust diagonal and Nondiagonal Controller Design for MIMO Systems  
22/9/2015 Ahmed Sameer Abdul-Muhsin Dr. LAITH JASIM SAUD Design of Intelligent Fuzzy Logic and State Flow Based Controller for Automatic Transmission 
16/4/2015 Mohammed Ali Saffa Assist. Prof.Dr.Amajd Jalil Humaidi Design and Simulation of
19/2/2015 Marwa Fadel Jassim Assist. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem A modified Approach for The Sound Recognition Process 
3/2/2015 Fatin Isasam Habeeb Assist. Prof.Dr.Safanah Mudheher Raafat Intelligent Scheduling Techniques for Real Time Application 
29/6/2015 Rafah Kareem Mahmood Dr. Sinan Majid  Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Solar Panels Based on FPGA
24/4/2015 Shereen Sadiq Jumaa Lec.Dr. Siba M.Sharef Fuzzy Logic Edge Detection Technique for Handwritten Signature Classification Using K-NN Algorithm
24/9/2014 Shafaq Raad Abduljaleel Dr. Arif A. Al‐Qassar Intelligent  Control of Management Operation for Iraqi Irrigation Canal System
24/9/2014 Amjad Khashan Thelim Assist. Prof.Dr Mohamed Jasim Mohamed Design  of  Fractional Order PID  Controllers  Based  on Particle  Swarm Optimization
24/9/2014 Hind Zuhair Khaleel Dr. FIRAS  ABDULRAZZAQ RAHEEM Development  of  Path Planning  Algorithm  for Legged  Robot
24/9/2014 Alaq Sabah Badri Dr. Shibly Ahmed Hameed Integral sliding  Mode Controller Design for Electronic Throttle Valve
24/9/2014 Mustafa Ismael Abdulkadhim Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Multi  Objective Robust H∞ Controller  Design for  Magnetic  Levitation System
24/9/2014 Shahad Sami Ali Assist. Prof.Dr.Safanah Mudheher Raafat Optimized   Performance of 3DOF Helicopter System using  Extremum Seeking Control
24/6/2014 Wael Mohammed Hasan Hadi Assist. Prof. Dr. Wathiq I'isa Mahdi Modeling and Control of Lab-Volt 5250 Robot Manipulator using Fuzzy Logic
7/5/2014 Zaid Abed Aljasim Muhasain Assist. Prof. Dr. Majid Ahmed Oleiwi Study  and Development  of Electro-Hydraulic Clinker  Cooler Servo  System  for  Cement Industries
8/4/2014 Zeyad Abdulwahed karam Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Yousif Hassan Intelligent  Controller Design  of  Rehabilitation Robot  Arm
6/3/2014 Sara Khalel Ibrahim Assist.prof.Dr.LAITH JASIM SAUD Intelligent  Path  Planning for  Mobil  Robot  with FPGA  Implementation
6/3/2014 Sara Shukor Mahmod Dr.Salih design and Implement of intelligent online information system interaction based on image and speech recognition
23/7/2013 Bashar Fateh Midhat Dr. Shibly Ahmed Hameed Sliding Mode Controller Design For two Dimensional Crane Container System
24/9/2013 Ivan Isho Gorial Dr. FIRAS  ABDULRAZZAQ RAHEEM Robot Manipulator Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance using  Fuzzy Logic Controller
29/9/2013 Laith Khames Majeed Lec.Dr. Siba M.Sharef


Fuzzy Navigation System For a Differential Mobile Robot
17/12/2013 Karam Samir Khalid Assist. Prof.Dr. Hazem I. Ali Swarm Intelligence Based Robust Active Queue Management  Design for Congestion Control in Computer Network
27/5/2013 Abdulmohaimen Bassim Kassim Prof. Dr Walaa Aldeen Dynamic  Modeling  and Control  Implementation Of Mobile Manipulator
19/3/2013 Mustafa Waad Abbas Assist. Prof.Dr Mohamed Jasim Mohamed Path Planning of Mobile Robots using Genetic Algorithms and Modified Artifical Potential Field
10/3/2010 Ali Shuaib Hamad Dr.Sufyan T. Faraj Simulation Study in Wired/wireless Field bus Systems Using Store and Forward Mode
10/2/2009 Mushtaq Talib Abd Dr.Saad Abdulredha An Attitude Navigation System Based on the (GPS)
2009/5/20 Mohammed Yasser Osama Dr. Waladin k. said Trajectory Planning and Control of a Three-DOF Manipulator with a Passive Joint Under Nonholonomic Constraint with Real-Time Animation
10/2/2009 Amer Kais Obaid Dr.Sufyan T. Faraj New Approach to Develop Certificate Authority Services
2008 Mina Qays Kadhim Lec. Dr. Raaid Ibrahim Chattering attenuation of sliding mode controller using genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic techniques
2008 Yasir Khudhair Abbas Lec. Dr. Raaid Ibrahim

HIV Treatment Scheduling Via nonlinear state dependent algebraic –riccati equation (SDARE)approach

2008 Taghreed Mohammed Assist. Prof .Dr. Farazdak Rafeec Yasien

Dr, Osama Yassen

Sliding Mode Control for Gust response in tall building
2008 May Tariq Abdukhadi Dr. Mohammed Najim A secure Mobile Banking using Kerberos Protocol
2009 Mohammed Yasir Osamah Dr. Waladin k. said Trajectory planning and control of three-DOF Manipulator with a passive joint under nonholonomic constraint with real-time animation
2010 Ali  Shuaib Hamad Dr.Sufyan T. Faraj Simulation study of Transient  Fault Wired/Wirless Field bus system
2008 Shayamaa Mahmood Mahdi Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Yousif Hassan Nonlinear modeling and Control servo Pneumatic control system
2008 Mohammed Abdulrahman Farag Dr. Azzam A.Marouf Passivity based adaptive controller Design for Robotic manipulators
2008 Lamis Nazzar Matti Dr.Saleh Al-Qaraawy Multimedia Technique for electronic class-room
2007 Ali Sobhi Hayawi Dr.Saleh Al-Qaraawy Internet based Intelligent remote controlling user interface for SCADA system
2008 Noor Ayad Yousif Assist.Prof.Dr. Mohmmed Ahmed Off-line Arabic  signature recognition vertification based on neural networks


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