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 1) Defining the library and it’s objectives :-

The library is a collective and updated tool for all kind of knowledge and science and scientific research that helps to get the necessary information that would be needed to help the society          


1- Making the librarian services available to the beneficiaries (students, teaching stuff, and employees).

2- Providing a suitable environment to satisfy the educational and research needs.

3- Publishing the updated information about new arrival informational resources, either books or thesis.

4- Mutual support among the university department’s libraries as well as exchanging thoughts and information that can benefit everyone.

5- Direct contact with the central library general consultant.

6- Providing the suitable atmosphere for reading in the library starting from silence ,cleanliness and good organized books and material of the library to help the beneficiaries .

7- Offering services for other universities' students.

2) Library section and it’s administrative units :-

Since the Control and Systems Engineering Department library is considered as a section, therefore all the arrangements of a regular library should be taken place that is 1- the librarian and his assistant should do all the work associated with the library such as:

First: The technical arrangements:-

Supply unit:  it contributes in selecting books and librarian materials through the available requests of the teaching stuff in cooperation with librarian, in order to keep track and fair amount of the books that are concerned with different subjects, as well as receiving and recording all what is being delivered to the library in a special record, and arranging with other sources in the department like buying books, exchanging and giving books as an acknowledgment to avoid losing efforts, money and to avoid repetition.

 Indexing and categorization:  وIt is the process of simplifying the search process, depending on special lists like the author listing, the tenth categorization system of Dewy, then the librarian should do all the process, and his or her assistant will record these books after being categorized, and the last step is to enter all of this information in the categorization cart in the special indexing system, which is used in the library (winisis). Then, the book will be ready to be lent.

Issuing Identities:  The Library Division issues the identities to the beneficiaries.

 Second: The beneficiary services

The Library offers it’s services to all the teaching staff, the students, and the beneficiaries from outside the university as we provide the electrical services for them for lending in a CD or flash ram.When the books are returned to the library, they should be rearranged on the shelf’s and notifying the users of the late delivering of the books , also all the projects of the senior year is arranged in every special branch shelf after being received by the head of the branch with it’s special software database being arranged on the shelf each with it’s specified year and branch.

 Third: The administrational affairs

The scientific deputy that should be in charge of giving leaves as well as daily attendance and dismissal should monitor the attendance of the library employees.

 3) The beneficiaries society :-

This society includes:-

-All the students of the department (control, computer, and mechatronics) branches.

-Post graduate students.

-Teaching staff and the employees.

-Other researchers from outside the university, where the lending process is only inside the campus.


 4) Information services offered by the library :- 

-Lending services for the users from inside and outside the campus including (thesis, books,…etc.)

-Searching in power driven index; copying services.

-Copying on CDs services

 5) The cultural and technical library activities and all the annual efficacy that should serve the university :-

-Library identification event that should be held at the beginning of every academic year.

-Organizing exhibitions of books and participating in events specialized in activities held by the university.

-Proclamation of all the newly arrived books especially through the department‘s website.

-Accepting visitors from teaching staff and students to read in the library: enhancing skills through workshops and seminars.

6) Books titles that are recently delivered to the library:-

 These books should be announced through the department website.

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