Welcome speech to the head of department


In the beginning, we would like to welcome any one who seeks  knowledge or give us information that contributes in the development of  our department, the department of control and systems engineering. in order to be a lofty edifice in the higher education field. The department has been distinguished since its establishment in 1975,  that; it is the first in the specialization of studying Control systems,  Automation, Mechatronics and Medical Control Systems. While in the working field, our graduates served and will be serving  in the industrial, oil, health, communication and electricity's fields as well as higher education. The department includes within the staff the elite of the teaching  committee members, also we are proud of the department administration  and the teaching committee's concerns in achieving the higher levels in  the teaching process's quality. Beside education the department provides many chances to the students  to participate in multiple activities such as: - Art, Social, sport and  cultural activities. 

      We are looking forward for our department to be pioneering in the field  of education and scientific research within our specialties, asking our  Great  God Allah to lead us to the way of achieving our goal to serve our precious country; also we hope success to all of our students and  Graduates in their  life in- or- outside the campus.