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Viean Abdulmuhsin Zainalaabdeen

Control and Systems Engineering Dpt., 2nd floor

Assistant Professor

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Viean A. Zainalaabdeen had graduated from Mathematics Department , College of Science at AL-Mustansiriya University. She worked in applied science department at University of Technology from 10/2001 to 2/2017. She received her scientific promotion to be university Lecturer in 11/2008 and Assistant Professor in 10/2015. In 2/2017 she relocate to Control and Systems Engineering Dpt. .

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M.Sc., Mathematics Department , College of Science at AL-Mustansiriya University , Iraq, 2001.

B.Sc., Mathematics Department , College of Science at AL-Mustansiriya University , Iraq, 1998.

Single Machine Scheduling ,Flowshop , Multicriteria , Branch and Bound , Local Search Methods ,Memetic Algorithm ,Genetic Algorithm , The Orthogonal Functions,The Ehrhart Polynomials , Algebra.

(Minimizing Total Tardiness And Quadratic Maximum Earliness On A Single Machine Scheduling Problem Using Local Search Methods).Journal of College of Education,2014
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(Exact And Local Algorithms For Single Machine Sequencing To Minimize The Multiobjective Functions Of Total Tardinas,Maximum Earliness And Tardiness).Proceeding of 3 scientific conference of the college of Science,University of Baghdad,24 to 26 March-2009.
(On Finding The Ehrhart Polynomials Using A Modified Partial Fraction Method).Journal of Al-Nahrain University,June-2009,Vol.12(2),150-154.
(On Finding The Coefficients cd-3 Of The Ehrhart Polynomials Of Polyherdron In Rd ).Journal of Al-Nahrain University,April-2008,Vol.11(1),105-119.
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(Solving the Weighted Sum of Squares Completion Time on Single Machine Problem) .The first National conference In Mathematical Science , college of Science, University AL-Mustansiriyah,25 to 26 –Sep.-2001

Fundamentals of Mathematics - First Year of undergraduate level.

Mathematics -First Year of undergraduate level.

Finite Mathematics -First Year of undergraduate level.

Calculus -First Year of undergraduate level.

visual basic programing-second Year of undergraduate level

Differential Equations-second Year of undergraduate level

Engineering Mathematics- second Year of undergraduate level.

Operation Reasearch- Third Year of undergraduate level.

The Optimization- Fourth Year of undergraduate level.

Philosophy of Science and The Logic of Scientific Research-Fourth Year of undergraduate level.