Cinque Terre

Laith Jasim Saud

Control and Systems Engineering Dpt., 2nd floor

Assistant Professor

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Dr Laith has graduated in 1981with a B.Sc. Degree in Control and Systems Eng., followed by getting, in 1987, an M.Sc. degree in Control and Instrumentation Eng. That is before getting a Ph.D. degree in Computers Eng. In 2006. All of the studies were attained at the University of Technology-Iraq. He joined the university of Brunel-London in 1990 for a Ph.D. scholarship study that was not completed due to the financial difficulties in Iraq caused by the sanctions and embargo imposed on Iraq at that period. He attended an English language course at Uxbridge college-UK (1990) and a preliminary French language course at CAREL institute-Royan-France (2004). His employment career started as assistant lecturer (1988) at the Control and systems Eng. Dept.-University of Technology-Iraq, and he is still working there (as an Assist. Proff. for the time being). He occupied the position of head of Computers Eng. Branch at the Dept. of Control and sys. Eng. for the period Dec. 2006- Nov. 2011. In his work (which generally concentrates on practical implementation) he is interested in Computer control, Embedded systems, Artificial intelligence and Evolutionary computing, Optimization algorithms, Image processing, Quadcopters, and Networking.

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PhD., Dept. of Control & Systems Eng.-UOT-Baghdad-Iraq, 2006.

M.Sc., Dept. of Control & Systems Eng.-UOT-Baghdad-Iraq, 1987.

B.Sc., Dept. of Control & Systems Eng.-UOT-Baghdad-Iraq, 1981.

Computer control, Embedded systems, Real time systems, Artificial intelligence and Evolutionary computing, Optimization algorithms, Image processing, Networking, Quadcopters.

"Design and Implementation of Classical Sliding Mode Controller for Ball and Plate System, 2017,University of Baghdad - Engineering Journal " ‏
"A Hybrid Robot Global Path Planning Algorithm using Genetic Algorithm and Graph Theory, 2014, The 2nd Eng. Conference of Control, Computers, and Mechatronics. (UOT-IRAQ) " ‏
"Investigating the Guidance Feature of Searching in the Genetic Algorithm, 2014, IJCCCE - IRAQ " ‏
"Developing a 3-d mathematical model for network topology based on graph theory, 2011, ECCCM-IRAQ " ‏
"Computing nodes and links appearances on geodesics in network topologies using graph theory, 2011,The Eng. Conference of Control, Computers and Mechatronic. (UOT- IRAQ) " ‏
"Link and node utilization factors computation using graph theory, 2009,National Postgraduate Conference on Eng., Science and Technology (NPC09), Malaysia. " ‏
"Analysis and digital control of Different small scale process control systems, 2002, the 3rd national conference on computers, communications, and control and systems Eng. (UOT-IRAQ) " ‏
Self-tuned controller using optimization techniques, 1988, The 2nd Eng. Iraqi conference. (Baghdad -IRAQ) ‏

Embedded systems and Microcontrollers.
Advanced Microcontrollers.
Advanced Digital Systems Design.

Computer Interfacing.
Process Control.

Computer Architecture.
Control II.
Electronics & Power Electronics.

Digital Systems Design.
Control I.

Digital Logic.

Embedded systems and Microcontrollers.
Digital Systems Design with VHDL and FPGA.

Computer control.
Process Control.
Design Lab. (VHDL and FPGA, Computer interfacing, Graph theory based network topology design, ...)

Computer Architecture.
Electronics & Power Electronic.
Components & Instrumentation.

Digital Systems Design.
Electronics .

Digital Logic.