# Taa_altaaneeth_lm_taad_sakena Now at the University of Technology.

This program seeks to create a healthy debate on issues of concern to society, which the leaders of this dialogue are women and focuses on two scopes: the first is academic women, which will focus on the scientific and academic scope of the issues, and the second group consists of a group of elite creators of the (Iraqia Hwna) team and influencers in society. Which will focus on the social aspect and how to transform these issues into healthy discussions in cultural forums and social media platforms.
The discussion took place on Wednesday 28/4/2021 under the sponsorship of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, and in cooperation with the Department of Control and Systems Engineering and the (Iraqia Hwna) team

The second session of this program on the campus And in the presence of the Assistant President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Hussein Hamid As well as the presence and participation of the Director General of the Iraqi Fashion House, Dr. Ibtihal Khajik And deans of colleges and other elitesThe title of the second session was (The Working Woman and the Art of Dealing with Others), where the discussion revolved around many axes, including the elegance of the interaction between the teacher and the student, the culture of dialogue, style, and other related topics.