Master’s Viva

The master's thesis was presented by a postgraduate student (Areej Manadel Kadhim) in the major of (Computer Engineering) on ​​Monday, 5/3/2021 at Hall No. 9 in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, for her research entitled:

(Implementation of Transceiver for Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Network)


The discussion committee consisted of:

1- Assist. Prof. Dr. Azad Rahim Karim / Chairman.

2 Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Zaki Abdullah / Member.

3- Lect. Dr. Ali Majeed Mahmoud / Member.

4- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Kazem Hamza / Member and Supervisor.

Wireless communication is witnessing a great development and growth, which raises the level of demand for radio spectrum. Nevertheless, spectrum is a limited resource that cannot be divided indefinitely to meet any application. The scarcity of spectrum arose as this scarcity represented the main problem facing the future of wireless networks. Three phases The OFDM transmitter and receiver system was implemented in the first phase using QPSK modulation technology using Simulink Xilinx / MATLAB. The second phase of the proposal is to discover the design capacity of the OFDM transmitter and receiver. This system was analysed in the XSG framework based on the AWGN channel, in the end another system works on Improving the performance of spectrum sensing based on pd, pf and SNR energy detection. The discussion was attended by the Deputy Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Hassan), and on this occasion we congratulate the student (Areej Muadid Kadhim) and wish her continued success.