A Masters’ Viva

on Sunday, 22/8/2021, at Hall No. 9 in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, the master's thesis of student (Ali Hassan Mahmoud) with a major in (Control Engineering) was discussed. It was entitled:

(Optimal Multi –objective H-Infinity Model Reference Controller Design) 

The discussion committee consisted of:

1- Prof. Dr. Shibli Ahmed Hamid / Head.

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Omar Walid Abdel Wahab / Member.

3- Assist. Prof. Dr. Saffana Mudhir Raafat / Member.

4- Prof. Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali / member and supervisor.

Control system robustness is a major concern in modern control theory as there is a growing interest in designing robust and efficient control units that provide reliable performance and stability characteristics for closed-loop systems in the face of disturbances. H-Infinity Control theory is a popular and interesting approach in the field of robust control because of its ease of formulation and novelty compared to other robust control methods. In this thesis, three