Control and Systems Engineering Department Welcomes First-Year Students


The Department of Control and Systems Engineering organized a welcome ceremony for its new students admitted in the first year of the academic year 2021_2022. The student reception committee headed by the Deputy Head of Administrative Affairs (Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali) met with students and their families who were given an overview of the department, the nature of the study and the curriculum taught, the components of the educational process adopted and founded in the system of study and examinations. In addition to that, all controls and instructions on student discipline were reviewed and the students were urged to abide by the general order and benefit from the years of study in the study in gaining knowledge and devoting the experiences they gain in the service of their community. The reception also included a tour of the department corridors, classrooms and laboratories in addition to the workshops of the laboratory department. At the end of the activity, the committee conveyed the wishes of the head of the department to them to excel and succeed in their new lives and help build and develop their homeland.