Master's Viva


The master's thesis of the student (Saberin Jawad Sabwan), specialized in (computer engineering), was discussed on Wednesday, 19 January 2022, at (Hall 9) in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, for her research entitled:

(Smart Oil Pipeline Health Monitoring based on IoT Technology)


The Discussion Committee consisted of:

  1. Dr. Ali Hussein Meri / Chairman.
  2. Dr. Mona Mohammed Jawad / Member.
  3. Dr. Hamed Musa Hassan / Member.

    4. Dr. Walid Fawaz Sharif / Member and Supervisor.

  1. Dr. Ahmed Rauf Nasser / Member and Supervisor.


The Internet of Things system, integrated with cloud services to monitor the structure of oil pipelines, proposes to collect data from the sensor node attached to the pipeline structure, which together constitutes a network of Internet of Things connected to the AWS cloud, to analyze measurements and classify new events according to their distances from the sensor contract. The proposed system was tested on field measurements collected at the Musayeb Gas-Based Power Plant in Baghdad. Of the five refineries, random forest achieved 92% rating. On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Saberin Jawad Sabwan) and wish her continued success.