Control and Systems Engineering Department Holds a Scientific Symposium Entitled "Trends in Modern and Intelligent Control and its Prospects in 5G Communications"

Under the auspices of The President of the University of Technology, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ghaban, and supervised by The Head of the Department of Control and Systems Engineering Dr. Azad Rahim Karim, our department held a scientific symposium entitled "Trends in modern and intelligent control and its prospects in 5G communications" on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at the Conference Hall. The symposium addressed several topics, including (WSN communication protocols), Smart communications in WSN, IOT and IIOE communication systems, the specialization of the department of control systems in the General Company for Smart Systems, old control systems, modern control systems PLC_DCS, projects completed for the control systems department laboratory of the Department of Control Systems). This seminar was conducted by (Dr. Muayyad Sadiq Kroc/ Technological University, Dr. Omar Al-Ani /University of Salford, Dr. Bushra Kazem Aliwi/ the University of Technology, Dr. Qusay Fadhel Hassan/ the University of Technology, Chief Engineer Sami Abdul Zayer/General Systems Company, R.A. Mahdi Shihab/ General Systems Company, R.M. Khalid Shaker/General Systems Company, Chief Engineer Moayad Mahdi Shihab/General Systems Company). A group of department professors and graduate students attended the seminar and at the conclusion of the seminar certificates of appreciation were distributed to the moderators of the symposium.