(Major Sports Festival on the Occasion of the Founding of the University) 

As part of the programs celebrating the 47th anniversary of the founding of the University and under the auspices of The President of the University, Professor Dr. Ahmed Al Ghaban, the Department of Control and Systems Engineering and the Department of Student Activities in cooperation with the team (Iraqiya here) and the team (Bike Dad Sports) held a sports festival for motor games in the presence and participation of a wide number of university students on the tartan stadium. The festival included various recreational dynamic segments and competitions between three teams, namely the Control team, the Computer team as well as the team of Mechatronics. The latter team won after collecting the highest number of points. The leadership of the three teams was distributed amongst women of (Iraqi here) and they are sports champions at the local and international level as well as activists in the civil complex. The competitions featured beautiful cycling performances for the Bike Dad Sports Team as well as acrobatic performances for the team (the first sports performances at home) The festival's segments created a pleasant atmosphere away from the study seats and everyone competed with the spirit of beautiful sports and teamwork. At the end of the festival, The Head of The Department of Control and Systems Engineering Dr. Azad Rahim and Head of Student Activities Dr. Najah Salman presented the winning team with awards and participating shields to all the teams that contributed to the festival's events with commemorative photographs taken on the stadium stands.