The University Celebrates its Female Graduates Working in the Military Field

Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban, and as part of the program of the department of Control and Systems Engineering for celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the university, a celebration was held under the title (Graduates of the University of Technology... Protectors of Society) To highlight and honor all university graduates involved in working as officers in the Ministry of Interior because of the importance of what women do in this field to serve their community and country as well as their excellence, which reflects an impressive picture of the university of Technology, which since its founding has been one of the most important institutions and a source of great potential for the country's builders, especially its distinguished graduates in all kinds of the labor market. The ceremony was attended by the President of the University and deans of colleges and for its part the Ministry of Interior had a distinguished presence at the level of its leaders in addition to the celebrated officers and a number of university professors and students. In his speech, The President of the University thanked the officers and expressed the university's gratitude, as part of the community, for all their extraordinary efforts in the most important institution that serves the citizen and maintains his security. the Ministry of Interior also praised the university's step, which is the first of its kind, to honor its military graduates and the positive impact of this initiative on the human being who offers the most precious thing that dictates you in the service of his country and his community. The celebration included many sections, including musical events performed by university students and dedicated to the graduates, as well as success stories for female officers who impressed the audience, especially the students who are waiting for their role in graduation to choose their field of work and the field of service of beloved Iraq. This will not be the last activity of the Department of Control and Systems or the University in honoring its graduates who are distinguished in their work within their institutions, especially security and military ones, this is what Dr. Azad Rahim mentioned during a media interview with him. All respect and appreciation to all those who serve the flag of Iraq, which deserves all sincere efforts to raise it.