Master's Viva of the student Hadeel Ibrahim Abdul Amir

The master's thesis of the student Hadeel Ibrahim Abdul Amir, specialized in control engineering, was discussed on Tuesday, 12 April 2022, at Hall (9) in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering. Her research was entitled: (Fractional Order Fuzzy PID Controller Design for Nonlinear System) The discussion committee consisted of:

1. Dr. Omar Farouk Lotfi / Chairman.

2. Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Hammoudi/Member.

3. Dr. Ammar Ibrahim Majid / Member.

4.Dr. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed / Member and Supervisor.

Automated maneuvering is a highly comparable and complex multi-input and non-linear system. Uncertainty in parameters and external disturbances has a negative impact on the performance of the system, as a result of which the main objective of the thesis is to design four control structures for integrative/proportional derived tapered controllers with a fractional order of two types of robot skylights, a solid two-link robot skylight and a solid three-link robot skylight dealing with the problem of tracking the path. in the case of a two-link solid robot skylight the results of the matlab code show Fractional Order Fuzzy PID controllers to ensure the best track tracking and improve the system's response to initial circumstances, external disturbances and teacher changes. On this occasion, we congratulate the student Hadeel Ibrahim Abdul Amir and wish her continued success.