A master's thesis of the graduate student Fatima Ibrahim Hussein

A master's thesis of the graduate student Fatima Ibrahim Hussein, specialized in Mechatronics Engineering, was discussed on Thursday, 28/4/2022, at Hall No. 9, in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering. Her research was entitled: Optimal Control of Knee Joint System This discussion committee consisted of:

1- Dr. Mohamed Youssef Hassan / Chairman.

2- Dr. Firas Abdul Razzaq Rahim / Member.

3- Dr. Wajdi Sadiq Abboud / Member.

4- Dr. Safana Mazhar Raafat / member and supervisor.

Rehabilitation of the lower extremities is complex, and many internal and external elements must be taken into account. This thesis proposes to design a robotic rehabilitation robot for the lower extremity of the knee and ankle joint to restore mobility and help patients with spinal cord injury and stroke patients. The user system structure consists of two degrees of freedom. Feedback control on the optimal state of the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) and (Servo-LQR) strategy has been implemented in this work. Nonlinear differential Equations using calculated torque control (CTC) based on a PD controller and PID have been implemented. In general, the determination of the values of control parameters is managed through a trial-and-error approach and is simply a time-consuming process. To avoid the traditional trial and error method, the PSO algorithm has been parameterized controllers to overcome the difficulties of designing controls. This method reduces time required to determine the best parameters. The robustness of the proposed approach with external perturbations and random noise was chosen. It was found by simulation that the PD-CTC controller can provide reliable estimates and control. On this occasion, we congratulate the student and wish her all success.