A master's thesis of the graduate student Ru’aa Sabah Hassan

The thesis of the graduate student Ru’aa Sabah Hassan, specialized in Control Engineering, was discussed on Tuesday, 27 April 2022, at Hall 9 in the Department of Control and Systems engineering. The thesis was entitled: (Design of a Multi _Level Space Vector PWM Inverter for Sensorless Control of Synchronous Motor) The discussion committee consisted of:

1_Dr. Abbas Hussein Issa/ Chairman.

2. Dr. Bassem Ghaleb Mjabal/ Member.

3. Dr. Yasser Nabil Ibrahim/ Member.

4. Dr. Farzdaq Rafik Yassin/Member and Supervisor.

Synchronized engines with permanent magnets are widely used in the industry because of their excellent efficiency, weight ratio/low power and smooth torque, using guided control technology to control engine speed with regard to the required speed range. Field orientation control strategy is a complex control strategy but gives a smooth response.