The university holds a festival for orphaned children

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, and under the supervision of the head of the Control and Systems Engineering Department, Dr. Azad Raheem, the esteemed, and on the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of Children, a festival for orphaned children was held at the headquarters of the Cooperation Charitable Society, in cooperation between the Control and Systems Engineering Department, the Student Activities Department, and the (Al-Iraqiya here) team, with the participation of students of the University of Technology, where the festival aimed to provide material and moral support to 80 children, coinciding with the International Day for Child Protection. The festival’s program included a variety of cultural and recreational activities, including giving an awareness lecture on individual behavior and traffic instructions to preserve people on the street, which was presented by the General Traffic Directorate, delivered by human rights officer Haider Shaker and Major Saja Al-Abayji) as well as the establishment of (sports competitions for children led by women from (Al-Iraqiya here) and also a party for children prepared and presented by university students. The children expressed their great joy at this initiative and expressed their thanks and gratitude to those in charge of it, as their arms were filled with the love they desperately need after fate deprived them of their families. The festival concluded with the distribution of medals to the competing teams by the head of the Control and Systems Engineering Department and the Head of the Student Activities Department at the University of Technology, as well as the distribution of gifts that contained toys, clothes and the most important needs of children, and then everyone was presented and participated in the lunch. We wish the children of Iraq safety and happiness always, and there will be many such activities within the university's plans towards serving the community, God willing.