Conclusion of the Syllabus for the Course Entitled (Components’ Principles of Electronic Circuits) which was Held at the Control and Systems Engineering Department

The syllabus of the course entitled (Components’ Principles of Electronic Circuits) was concluded in the laboratory of the Automation and Robotics Research Unit in the Control and Systems Engineering Department. The course aims to familiarize students with the shapes and models of electronic components, how to check them, know their value, what the numbers, symbols or colors on them mean, how to examine them and determine their validity with knowing the causes of their failure and finding suitable alternatives by knowing the technical specifications of each piece using tables or the Internet. The course also aims to motivate students, simplify the concept of using measuring devices in a logical and correct manner, and enable students to understand electronic maps and how to implement them and examine electronic boards to determine faulty components. Moreover, the course includes familiarization with the methods to read and measure resistors, fixed and variable capacitors of all kinds, diodes, transistors, coils, and voltage stabilizers. The duration of this course was approximately 20 hours, distributed over two months of 90 minutes per week. The course organizer was Engineer Omar Farhan Jassim.