Discussion of a Master's Thesis

The master's thesis for the student (Sarah Khalaf Jawad) with a major in (Computer Engineering) was discussed on Monday 17/10/2022 at the discussion room (Hall No. 9) in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering.

The thesis title was “Simulation and Performance Evaluation for IEEE 802.11 WLAN under Different Operating Conditions”.

The discussion committee consisted of:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mona Mohamed Jawad / Chairman Asst.

Prof. Dr. Dalal Abdel Mohsen Hammoud / Member Lect.

Dr. Qusay Fadhel Hassan / Member Asst. Prof.

Dr. Hamed Musa Hassan / Member and Supervisor

The performance of WLAN working at 2.4GHz and 5 GHz is assessed in home-like areas under the widely used applications and the assessment is in terms of throughput and delay. The utilization of a single AP showed degradation in performance, due to congestion because all nodes use the same transmission channel, which was shown clearly in the home use case, which is the case that used a data rate of 6 Mbps, in both (a and g) standards and the effectiveness is about (1.1% and 1.3%), respectively. On the other hand, using two APs improves the performance for the same case, where the effectiveness ratio reaches about (28% and 65%). Since it mitigates the congestion because each AP uses different communication channels in the home case. In the case of the office environment, we found that in the case of data rates of 6 Mbps, the effectiveness ratio of both (a and g) standards is about (0.33 % and 0.25 %), respectively. The discussion was attended by the Assistant Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Mohamed Youssef Hassan). On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Sarah Khalaf Jawad) for obtaining the master's degree and we wish her continued success.