Discussion of a Master's Thesis

The master's thesis for the student (Marwan Alaa Hussein) majored in (Computer Engineering) was discussed on Wednesday 19/10/2022 at the discussion room (Hall No. 9) in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering. The thesis title is:

(Secure Mechanism Applied to Communications System) The discussion committee consisted of:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadhel Sahib Hassan / Chairman Asst.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mudhir Hassan / Member Lect.

Dr. Walid Fawaz Sharif / Member Asst.

Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Kadhum Hamza / Member and Supervisor

The Internet of Things (IoT) has tremendous advantages in many applications such as industrial environments, smart homes, smart cities, smart environments, agriculture, control of critical infrastructure and smart health. However, as the number of IoT devices increases and more information is shared between IoT devices, providing security becomes a primary concern for researchers and developers. IoT devices have low power, and limited computing and storage capabilities and most of their connections are wireless, making them vulnerable to multiple attacks. The objective of this thesis is to propose a safe environment for the operation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The research methodology consisted of three phases. Phase one includes implementation of two-factor authentication (TFA) via token (APIKey), between industrial IoT devices, using the TOTP algorithm and ESP8266 microcontroller. The second stage is to build a security portal (Raspberry pi) to detect and prevent intrusions on IoT devices. The third stage is the use of monitoring and logging tools based on the SIEM system, which consists of a group of open source systems such as (wazuh, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) to collect and analyze log data, display it on the Dashboard and issue real-time alerts. The proposed system could prevent and detect (Brute-force, Dictionary DDoS / DoS, MITM) attacks and rootkits and hidden processes. The discussion was attended by the Assistant Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Mohamed Youssef Hassan). On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Marwan Alaa Hussein) for obtaining the master's degree, and we wish him continued success.