A Cultural Visit to the Martyr Monument

     The control and systems engineering department arranged a cultural visit to the martyr monument for the fourth stage students (all branches) as well as the third stage students (the mechatronics branch). With the participation of 70 students, this visit was arranged on the 14 th of March 2019 under the supervision of the following teaching staff members (Asst. Prof. Dr. Hazim Ibraheem Ali, Asst. Prof. Shaimaa Mahmood Mahdi, Dr. Taghreed Mohmmed Ridha, Lecturer Akdas Safaa AlDeen, Asst. Lecturer Mazin Nageeb Ajaweed, Mr. Omar Farhan and Miss Rasha Basil).

    The visit included a description of the milestones of the monument, which is considered as an important cultural location in Baghdad. The monument was designed by the artist Ismael Fatah al Turk and the architect Saman Kamal Asad. Moreover, the artist Khalid al Rahal along with several fine arts students contributed in implementing the monument. This monument was practically implemented by Mitsubishi, which is a Japanese company, in the early 1980s.

    This monument symbolizes all the Iraqi martyrs for all ages, where the monument museum contains some of the martyr stuffs as well as their names.

   The monument, which was uniquely designed, consists of a divided Abbasi cupola and inside it there is an Iraqi flag wrapped around the statue of the Iraqi martyr located next to a spring to represent the life, this specific area has a continues breeze to add a touch of reverence. By looking to the monument from the sideways you can see that the statue spins around as a visual deceiving. The manager of the place welcomed the staff and the students and he discussed the importance of such visits with all the educational institutions. The visit supervisors thanked the management staff of the monument for their efforts and for all the facilitations that were provided to make this visit a successful one.