Discussion of a Thesis for the Master’s Degree Student (Ahmad Sharhan Kat'e)

  A specialized committee in the Control and Systems Engineering Department discussed a master’s thesis with the specialization of Control Engineering for the student Ahmed Sharhan Kat'e in the Discussion Hall No. 9 on Thursday 30/01/2020. The thesis title was "Design of Adaptive Control for Magnetic Bearing System of Artificial Heart Pump". The examination committee consisted of:

1- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Yusif Hassan (Chairman)

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muaiad Abdul Ridha Sahib (Member)

3- Lect. Dr. Taghreed Muhammed Muhammed Ridha (Member and Supervisor)

4- Asst. Prof. Dr. Saleem Khalifa Kadhum (Member and Supervisor)

The artificial heart is an alternative to the natural heart and is used either temporarily in heart transplants or permanently if the heart is replaced with an artificial heart when the heart transplant is not possible. One of the critical problems facing the manufacture of the artificial heart pump is how to suspend the rotating impeller. The magnetic suspension technology of the artificial heart rotator has been recently used to allow blood to flow easily through the artificial heart in a smooth way and avoid friction and corrosion. The discussion was attended by the Deputy Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies. On this occasion, we congratulate the student Ahmed Sharhan Kat'e and we wish him continued success.