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 Oral Examination of Master’s degree Student (Ruqaa Thamer Kamel)

  The Oral Exam of the Master's Student Ruqaa Thamer Kamel took place at Hall No. 9 in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering on Sunday the 2nd of February 2020. The thesis title was (Path planning for Multiple Mobile Robot systems) The discussion committee consisted of:

• prof. Dr. Amjad Jaleel Humaidi / Chairman.

• Asst. prof. Dr.Wajdi Sadiq Abood / member.

• Lecture Dr. Luma Esa Abdulkareem / member.

• Asst. prof. Dr. Mohammed Jasem Muhammed / member and supervisor.

• Asst. Prof. Dr. Bushra Kadhum Elaywi / member and supervisor.

In his thesis, the student developed a typical system for a mobile robot path planning that can travel well-known environments. The environments consist of circular obstacles. The proposed system consists of two phases: in the first a modified bee colony algorithm is used to calculate the best route for the mobile robot, while in the second phase, the best robot speed was calculated by using the optimal control method and ADL-ABC to ensure that there will be no collision between the robot and the obstacles. The deputy head of the department for scientific affairs and postgraduate studies attended the session. We would like to Congratulate Ruqaa and wish her good luck and all the success.





 The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds Seminars for Postgraduate Students

  On the 4th of February 2020, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held seminars for postgraduate students at the Discussion Hall No. 9 within the scientific activities of the department to achieve scientific benefit by discussing the projects of graduate students in the master research stage of the Mechatronics specialization. These seminars were for the students who passed their complementary round in order to assess what has been accomplished from the student projects and to provide advice and guidance to them. The seminars were for each of the following students:

1- Hussain Shakir Majeed. Research Title: (Sliding Mode Control Strategy for prosthetic finger)

2- Farah Amir Thamir. Research Title: (Automatic Control on the Electromagnetic Radiation inside a Microwave Oven)

These seminars were attended by the Deputy Head for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Study, the administrators of the branches, and several academic staff members.





 Discussion of a Thesis for the Master’s Degree Student (Ahmad Sharhan Kat'e)

  A specialized committee in the Control and Systems Engineering Department discussed a master’s thesis with the specialization of Control Engineering for the student Ahmed Sharhan Kat'e in the Discussion Hall No. 9 on Thursday 30/01/2020. The thesis title was "Design of Adaptive Control for Magnetic Bearing System of Artificial Heart Pump". The examination committee consisted of:

1- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Yusif Hassan (Chairman)

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muaiad Abdul Ridha Sahib (Member)

3- Lect. Dr. Taghreed Muhammed Muhammed Ridha (Member and Supervisor)

4- Asst. Prof. Dr. Saleem Khalifa Kadhum (Member and Supervisor)

The artificial heart is an alternative to the natural heart and is used either temporarily in heart transplants or permanently if the heart is replaced with an artificial heart when the heart transplant is not possible. One of the critical problems facing the manufacture of the artificial heart pump is how to suspend the rotating impeller. The magnetic suspension technology of the artificial heart rotator has been recently used to allow blood to flow easily through the artificial heart in a smooth way and avoid friction and corrosion. The discussion was attended by the Deputy Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies. On this occasion, we congratulate the student Ahmed Sharhan Kat'e and we wish him continued success.





 Control and Systems Engineering Department Holds a Cultural Seminar Entitled (Culture of Administrative Work in Scientific Institutions)

  The Control and Systems Engineering Department, in cooperation with the Department of Student Activities held a cultural symposium entitled (The Culture of Administrative Work in Scientific Institutions) on Tuesday 28/1/2020, where Professor Dr. (Talib Mahdi Al-Sudani) gave a lecture at the symposium on the basis of dealing in administrative work and relations among employees. To serve the public interest, he stressed the necessity of upgrading the general behavior of those who work in any educational institution and that it reflects the highest values on his work and his dealings with fellow employees or students where any country cannot be built without the basis of good citizenship and a sense of responsibility and commitment to the ethics of each profession providing the maximum power in the process of construction and community service. The seminar was attended by the Head of Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem, the Director of Student Activities Department, and a large number of professors and employees of the university.







 Discussion of a Thesis for the Master’s Degree Student (Shehad Nafie Jaafar)

  On Tuesday, 7/1/2020, a discussion was made for the master's degree thesis of the student (Shehad Nafie Jaafar), who is specialized in Computer Engineering, at the discussion Hall No. 9 in the Control and Systems Engineering Department. The title of the thesis was "WIMAX Simulation wireless Network Based WIMAX System". The examination committee consisted of:

1- Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem (Chairman)

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Essam Yunis (Member)

3- Lect. Dr. Manaf Sabry Tabo (Member)

4- Lect. Dr. Ekhlas Kadhum Hamza (Member and Supervisor)

In this work, two techniques of the wireless networks were designed, namely the systems of (WIMAX 802.16e LTE), for Baghdad. An enhancement was made using the genetic algorithms (GAs) via the MATLAT software to improve the coverage of the WIMAX and LTE networks. The results of the improvement were used in the radio network planning tool known as the advanced topographic development and telecom ATDIICS solutions. This discussion was attended by the Deputy Head for the Scientific Affairs and the Postgraduate Studies. On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Shehd Nafi Jaafar), and we wish her all the success.





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