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 The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds a Course on Flexible Manufacturing

  On Monday 17/2/2020, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held a three-day course on flexible manufacturing in the Internet Unit of the department. The course dealt with how to gain a competitive value in the market using flexible manufacturing as a strategy to gain a competitive value in the market. The course dealt with three dimensions of flexible manufacturing:

- The first dimension: The factors that push companies to adopt flexible manufacturing.

- The second dimension: The capabilities required to convert to flexible manufacturing.

- The third dimension: How to measure the extent that the company operates within flexible manufacturing. The course was delivered by two of the academic staff of the department, namely:

- Dr. Huthaifa Khalil (Lecturer)

- Loay Thamer Rashid (Assistant Lecturer)

The course was attended by a group of academic and engineering staff of the department. At the end of the course, participants were granted certificates.






 Postgraduate Students at the Control and Systems Engineering Department take the English Language Test Electronically

  Postgraduate students at the research stage (Master of Science degree) performed the English language exam for the first semester electronically on Wednesday, 5/2/2020. The number of participants in the exam was 20 students, where they expressed their satisfaction with the environment and nature of the examination. In this regard, the electronic examinations are one of the future orientations of the university presidency and the department due to the fact that the exam achieves fair evaluation among all students. In addition, the results could be obtained accurately and immediately. Finally, we wish all students success in performing their exams and obtaining the highest scores.