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 The Control and Systems Engineering Department Welcomes First-year Students for the Academic Year 2022-2022

On Wednesday, 23/11/2022, our department received its first-year students for the academic year 2022-2023, in the presence of the Department Head Assistant for Administrative Affairs, the head of the student reception committee and he expressed the department’s welcome to the first-year students for all branches. Then, the heads of the branches gave an introductory brief about the department, the nature of the study, the elements of the educational process, and the principles adopted in the department study system and examinations, wishing them excellence and success in their studies at the university. Moreover, the Student Reception Committee conducted an introductory tour for the students to introduce them to the classrooms and the department’s laboratories, and they also conducted an introductory visit to the Workshops Department to introduce them to the existing units within this department. All the best wishes from the department presidency to the students for success and serving the country.