A Training Course Entitled "Practical Aspects of the Arduino Microcontroller for Electronic Applications"

  On Monday, the 8th of April 2019, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held a one-week training course, which is entitled "Practical Aspects of the Arduino Microcontroller for Electronic Applications", to improve the performance of the staff and students of the department. This course, which was organized in the Electronic Laboratory for two hours a day, included the following topics:

1- A brief introduction to microcontrollers

2- An introduction to Arduino microcontrollers

3- How to download and install the Arduino software

4- Programming the Arduino microcontroller

5- The basic electronic components to achieve the interface with simple examples.

The course objectives were to introduce fundamentals of Arduino in both theoretical and practical aspects, improve the skills of engineers in terms of programming and implementing practical applications for Arduino, and identify the problems that appear during the design and implementation of Arduino and how to solve these problems. In this course, the lectures were delivered by Lect. Dr. Ahmed Alaa Oglah, Lect. Dr. Ali Majeed Mahmood, and Lect. Dr. Ahmed Raoof Nasser.



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