A Training Course Entitled "Academic Presentations"

 On Sunday, the 21st of April 2019, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held a three-day training course entitled "Academic Presentations" to improve the presentation skills of the academic staff and the postgraduate students in the department. This training course, which was given for two hours per day in the Discussion Hall number (9), included the following topics:

1- The first day was dedicated to giving a general introduction to academic presentations, as follows: - Common mistakes in preparing the academic presentations that occur due to the presenter performance or due to the design of the presentation slides in the "PowerPoint" software. - Demonstrating good and bad presentation examples and discussing all the mistakes and how to avoid them

2- The second day included providing a typical structure for academic presentations that could be utilized before making the presentation.

3- The third day was devoted to evaluate the participants using an illustrative example utilizing the two points mentioned above.

The objective of this training course was to develop the skills of the academic staff and the postgraduate students in writing and presenting their research presentation. In this course, the lectures were delivered by Lect. Dr. Ali Majeed Mahmood and Lect. Dr. Waleed Fawwaz Shareef.



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