A Student Festival and Competition Entitled "Your Project in Three Minutes

      For the first time at the level of the Iraqi universities, the Control and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a competition entitled "Your Project in Three Minutes" on Thursday the 25th of April 2019. The competition is a mini-festival, in which participants from the undergraduate study present their scientific projects within only three minutes. This competition is based on the encouragement of students by stimulating their ability to deliver and convey the scientific content of their graduation projects in short and in a simplified scientific language for the attendance of the general public. The objective of this competition is to achieve communication between the environments of the university and the outside community. We have transferred this experience, which is held every year in international universities, to our university in order to develop the educational process and raise its level. Under the support and supervision of the Head of the Department (Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem), the first version of this competition was held this year by the Cultural and Scientific Committee and we seek, with the help of Allah, to make this competition an annual festival, in which students from various scientific departments of the university compete.




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