A Training Course Entitled "How to Write a Scientific Paper Using Latex"

    The Control and Systems Engineering Department held a training course for the development of professors, students and staff of the department entitled "How to Write a Scientific Paper Using LATEX Program" on Sunday the 12th of May 2019. The training course was held in the Discussion Hall no. (9). The course was set to take two hours daily and it took two days to complete. The following subjects were discussed during the course:

1. Introduction to latex.

2. How to install the program.

3. How to use ready-made templates for some scientific journals.

4. How to format the writing using Latex.

5-How to add images and tables using Latex.

The course was aimed at identifying the fundamentals of latex and how to start from ready-made templates, then developing the skills of academics in the field of writing research papers and identifying the problems that appear during writing the paper, and ways of solving them. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Ali Majeed Mahmoud and Dr. Haidar Mohi Abbas.





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