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Postgraduate in control and systems engineering department has been founded in (1975-1976) in order to create specialized staffs to keep pace with the industrial developments in that time. First cycle of Higher Diploma in Applied Computer Engineering has been first opened and it was only one year to get higher diploma certificate.


Six cycles have been graduated since (1982-1981) ,the number of graduates was (102).then a common study in form of institute was established between the university of technology and the national center of computers (which was linked with the ministry of planning at that time) and then it linked with the ministry of higher education and research (today it is called as Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics ).


In the year (1976-1977), the department opened the master's study in control and instruments engineering as well as computers engineering. Ph.D. study in control and computers engineering has been opened in 1995 and master's study in mechatronics engineering has been introduced in 1996 and Ph.D. study for the same discipline in 2002. Since the late nineties, there were three courses graduation for   doctorate degree and three for master’s degree for the three fields:


1-    Control and Instruments Engineering.

2-    Computer Engineering.

3-    Mechatronics Engineering.


  The terms to be eligible for acceptance in the postgraduate study

In order to apply to the post graduate study (Master degree) in the department the applicant should have a Bachelor degree in control and systems engineering in one of the department's three specialties: control, computer, mechatronics, and have   no less than 65% as an average within the first quarters of graduates in his year of graduation and that according to the instructions issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research. While in order to get a doctorate degree  it has been  required from the applicant to have a Master degree in the  desired field  and because of the exceptional  circumstances that  the country has been through, the doctorate study has been suspended   since the year(  2003-2004), the master study  also suspended for the academic  year  (2005-2006),and then the Master study for the Mechatronics engineering has been re-opened for the academic year (2010-2011)and (7)students has been admitted that year and the year after that the master study for the computer  engineering also re-opened for a total number of admitted students (11),While the admission procedure continued for the Master study In Mechatronics engineering and( 13) student were eligible  for acceptances .For the academic year  ( 2012-2013) the department admitted (10 )students for the postgraduate study.


Hence the re-opening of the post graduate study requires   the availability of at least  the minimum number of advanced  teaching staff ,the instruments ,and the financial allocations. And there are good indicators encourages the re-opening of the master study in Control and Mechatronics fields for the academic year (2014-2015).









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