Mechatronics Engineering - B.Sc

1- A graduate of specialization can work in the following fields:
Work in all industrial production departments such as producing cars, planes, trains, medical devices, radiography, defense systems, oil and gas products, as well as in the production of various types of fixed and mobile robots.
2- Entities that have employed the graduates of the above specialization:
a) The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
b) The Ministry of Electricity
c) Ministry of Health
d) Ministry of Oil
e) The Ministry of Industry and Minerals
f) Ministry of Defense
g) The Ministry of the Interior
h) A number of private sector companies such as the Carrier Refrigeration Company and Raban Al-Safina Company

3- Duration of study of specialization:
Four years

4- The scientific department that grants the specialization
Control and Systems Engineering Department

5- The scientific backgrounds that can be submitted to obtain the specialization:
a) That the applicant has a high school diploma in both the scientific and applied branches only.
b) The applicant must have a high school diploma in the industry, specializing in (electricity, electronics and control, communications, auto mechatronics, medical devices, maintenance of laser systems, media technology)
c) Or the applicant is a graduate of an institute in one of the specializations: electronics, communications, measurement and control, information and communication technology, electronic technologies, electronic and communication technologies, smart phone systems, medical devices , mechatronics, maintenance of medical devices (10% of the first institutes for previous years are specialized).