Social Activities 2017

Title: Department of control and systems engineering had been celebrated in Teacher's Day 

Date:1 / 3 / 2017

Attending by Assist professor Dr. Azad Rahim who are President of department with employees and teachers of department, Wednesday On 1 / 3 / 2017.Enhancement for this celebration which is representing and appreciation for role of teacher’s in educated and teaching for new generation that have been rehabilitation to service and building the state and out great country.And as much as the rehab elating is strongly the build will be the is firmly established and this is deserved out great country.

In here by we would like for highlighting about the role of important teacher's  and this is what affirmation Dr. Azad Rahim the president department of control and systems engineering in his words which has included appreciation and grateful  for  teachers of department .  

The celebration has been included chats by kindergarten of university as well as distributing card of congratulates and “Tea Party " in garden of department.


Title: The department  held  the Scientific and culturing competition between the students of university

Date:1 / 3 / 2017


The department of control and systems engineering has held in an amazing competition  for students  university of technology through the  Celebrations of  the forty-two  anniversary of the founding of the University on Monday 3-4-2017 .The competition were between  four  departments within the university and departments are :-  : Department of Electrical Engineering , Building and Construction Engineering and department of  Computer Science in order to department of control and systems engineering  .The competition was  included a variety of subjects including history and geography, physics, chemistry, art,  and puzzles to be based on  collect  of the largest number of points to compete to win through the correct answers to the questions of the competition .

The committee of competition consisted of  : - 

1- Dr . Wael  Shawki Abdul-Saheb / Department of  building and Construction Engineering .

2-  Dr. Enam Ibrahim Ali / Department of Electrical Engineering .

3-  Lecturer Abdul Muhsen Mahmud Abas   /  Department of Control and Systems engineering .

4- Lecturer Alaa Abdul Hussien Hashim / Department of    Computer Science .

And  supervision committee by the department of control and systems engineering  which consist of are :-

Asst Prof . Dr. Muhammed Yusuf  ,  Asst Prof . Dr . Hazem Ibrahim , Lecturer Serwan Waleed Jurjis and Eng. Athel Fhadel Abas  .

The competition it was very interesting and joyfulness  with competed of high quality between the variety of participants has ended by winner team of computer science department in differ 3 of  points by his a brave competitor  the department of control and systems engineering who was taken the second  rank  ,  other while the department of building and construction Engineering was taken the third rank  and finally the department of Electrical Engineering  was taken the last rank .

In closing the competition ,  Dr. Azad Rahim head of department has given the certificates appreciation awards to all participants .




 Title:The department has been held festival about women


The department has held a festival entitled "The Iraqi Women and Society is success story" on Sunday 2/4/2017 through the University Celebration Day its (42 )  anniversary at the conference hall . With attended by Mr.  President the University of Technology a professor Dr. Amen Daway Thamer and group of high educated class of community from ladies of Iraq  who they have the successful stories in the different fields for example (  Medicine , Engineering , Scientific , Law , Arts and Media ).

Talking is every lady about her story to reach out to the success and overcome the challenges and obstacles for the service the country in front of her eyes.

These stories, and all the discussions that will take place, will be model into the student's girls who are coming up on the practical life with mixed in society to serve it and building the great state.

This is what confirmed by all the attendees in the festival at hall in order to it was a great opportunity provided by the university and provided also the department to their students and employees for meeting with are brilliant names of Iraqi women

Title:The department has been held the visiting into the hospital of pediatric Injury the cancer disease


The department has made the visiting by the students of department to the Hospital City of Medicine – "section of pediatric" who were injured by the cancer on Thursday 30/3/2017. This visiting have been adopting by the department through since 2012.   as the  part of  the our social activity and humanitarian, which is directly  of sponsoring by Mr. President the University  of technology Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer and  Head of Department Dr. Azad Rahim.

The activity was mentioned by the head of department the variety of the gifts which has presented to the children that provided by the box-donation of department.    in order to desire is  participating by the students into the visiting as results we are going  to arrangements  for much more visits  that's why the relaxation to deep awareness and responsibility to forward the class of community by the students of department . Through available the students at hospital and meeting with kids has been taken the gifts to aim gain them the smiling and enjoyable on their faces.  In other side the children have expressed on great happiness in this visiting by the students of university of technology as well as the admonition of hospital about the most thanks to the university of technology and department of control and systems engineering for kindness of initiative. Hopefully a quick of Healing for all Iraqi children and we are blessed our dear students for this a good role to forward their community that it is to needs for them and we are calling to much more success in their studying .   

The gifts were not the only thing the provided during the visit, But the department has contributed funds as the donation to buy the medical treatments and materials who needed by the hospital.

We congratulate the efforts of all those who are contributed to this humanitarian mission and we wish the progress and prosperity to our dear students



Title:The department has been organized the festival of charity


The department of control and systems engineering has been organized events of the festival of charity the fourth annual for period ( 5-6 April ) to support the Iraqi Orphan's the title is :-

" The wipe of teardrop and lights the candle ".

The events been held at the headquarter the campus university of technology with attended Mr. President the  university  of technology  " professor Dr. Amen Daway Thamer " And Dr. " Azad Rahim  "  the head of department of control and systems engineering who was supervisor on the festival . The events which included a charity market that was dedicated his income to orphans and diversity of shows for hand job, arts with games and a celebration for children. 

The participants are  great job approximately ( 60 ) members of faculties with employees in order to over ( 100 ) students in a spirit of understanding with love of teamwork especially the charitable of activity that aims to service the deprived and important of category of community which they needs  to support and caring them .

Special thanks and gratitude to the presidency of the university who has sponsoring the festival every  year. The presidency of department has appreciated the efforts and all participates on this a great job which makes our university to be closer to the society and service it.