The Department of foundation

    The Control and Systems Department was established in 1975, the same year in which the University of Technology was established. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East. The department was established in response to the leap of quality that the country is currently experiencing in the introduction of advanced technology and methods used for automatic control in industry, mainly, and all other areas in general. The department deals mainly with the study of various engineering systems (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and rheumatic) in order to control and thus improve the accuracy and quality of performance by using the appropriate automatic control devices. The department is also concerned in the study of the uses of electronic computers and control devices in the operations of heavy industry and for the same purpose above. The industry of oil refining and distribution, power generation, and the manufacture of iron and steel and other heavy industries all depend, one way or another, on advanced control devices. The same is true in light industries such as food, bottling, and paper industry ... etc.
The department is currently preparing specialized staffs in the areas of control engineering, computers and their applications at the level of undergraduate study; preliminary and technical.