University of Technology First Festival of Literature and Arts


Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban and in cooperation with the Department of Control and Systems Engineering and the Department of Student Activities, the Committee for the Follow-up of Poetic Activities set up the First University Festival of Literature and Arts, session of the poet Mohammed Hussein Al-Yassin.

The a for mentioned poet attended the festival as well as the president of the university and Dr. Azad Rahim Karim, head of the Department of Control and Systems Engineering and a number of professors and students of the university in addition to Senior Poets of Iraq. This activity coincided with World Arabic Language Day to be a good opportunity and initiative from the University as Al-Ghban pointed out in his speech to preserve our language, culture and literature. On the part of his Excellency the President of the Scientific Complex Dr. Al- Yassin praised the role of the university in this field and called the university a treasure because of its rich giving and dedication to the service of the community.

The festival included reciting poems as well as musical songs, singing national poems, paintings, etc. At the end of the festival all participants were honored with the festival shield and dr. Mohammed Hussein al-Yassin was honored with the university shield in recognition on behalf of the university presidency for his great role in enriching Iraqi literature and poetry.