Master’s Viva of the student (Mohamed Ibrahim Perbek)

The master's thesis of the student (Mohamed Ibrahim Perbek) specialized in computer engineering, was discussed on Thursday, 12 May 2022, at Hall 9 in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering. His research was entitled:

(Design and Implementation of Optimized ANFIS Controller for Internet Router) The discussion committee consisted of:

1. Dr. Mu'ayyad Sadiq Kroc / Chairman.

2. Dr. Iyad Qasim Hussein / Member.

3. Dr. Ali Majid Mahmoud / Member.

4. Dr. Ahmed Alaa Akla/Member

Network management and control is a complex challenge requiring the use of intelligent and reliable control methods to support the router. AQM active queue management procedures have been implemented to successfully assist tCP congestion management function in all circumstances. To provide effective congestion management in TCP/IP networks, we offer a fuzzy like-PID control mechanism that uses blurry logic because it has proven to be effective in regulating non-linear systems, thus enabling the controller to BHFLC and GAPSO-ANFIS to obtain good results in non-linear systems and their strong ability to adapt to the length of the queue despite the application of many different experiences to show the power of the intelligent controller. The discussion was attended by the Deputy Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies (Dr. Mohammed Yusuf Hassan). On this occasion we congratulate the student (Mohammed Ibrahim Perbek) and wish him continued success.