The Control and Systems Engineering Department Holds its Eighth Scientific Exhibition for Robotics and Manufactured Devices

On Tuesday, 10/5/2022, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held the comprehensive scientific exhibition for robotics and manufactured devices for the eighth year in a row. The exhibition was held by students and academic staff members of the department, with a large number of participations and products. The exhibition was attended by the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dhahad), a number of heads of departments, directors of centers, and members of the university. The exhibition was completed under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department (Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem). This exhibition is considered a major scientific activity adopted by the department every year, specifically at the end of the academic year, to display the devices and robots that have been manufactured inside the department and by its students and academic staff members. These devices were built starting from the beginning of the academic year and they are based on scientific ideas and applications at the same time. Some of these devices are graduation projects for undergraduate students, and the other devices are for postgraduate students and the academic staff members. The exhibition included scientific and applied products directed towards serving the community and our beloved Iraq.