Postgraduate Students of the Control and Systems Engineering Department Start their New Academic Year

  On Sunday, 4/9/2022, postgraduate students of the Control and Systems Engineering Department for masters and doctoral studies commenced the first semester of the new academic year 2022-2023. In this regard, the student reception committee represented by the Assistant Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Mohamed Youssef Hassan), the Head of the Computer Engineering Branch (Asst. Prof. Dr. Firas Abdel Razzaq Raheem), the Head of the Control Engineering Branch (Prof. Dr. Omar Farouq Lutfy), and the Head of the Mechatronics Engineering and Robotics (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ibraheem Abdul-Karee) welcomed the postgraduate students in the department’s conference room to clarify the importance of adhering to the instructions and timing of the lectures, in addition to helping the students and preparing the requirements to take them to the brink of success.