Doctoral Dissertation Discussion

The doctoral dissertation of the student (Muhannad Helal Hamidi) in engineering major was discussed on Thursday, 23-2-2023. The dissertation title is: ‏Development and Research of an Automated Control System of the Adsorption Process to Obtain Hydrogen from Natural Gas Reforming Products The discussion committee consisted of:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Youssef Hassan (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Hamid Karam (Member)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Firas Abdel-Razaq(Member)

Asst. Prof. Dr. BushraKadhumOliwi(Member)

Asst. Prof. Dr. LumaIssa Abdel Karim (Member)

Prof. Dr. Omar FarouqLutfy(Member and Supervisor)

Hydrogen is one of the most important products of the global chemical industry. More than 75% of hydrogen is consumed in the production of ammonia and in oil refining, and there is a continuous increase in the consumption of hydrogen in the energy sector. The objective of the thesis is to ensure the maximum degree of hydrogen extraction with a purity of not less than 99.9% by optimizing the automatic control system. Two mathematical models, upper and lower, were developed to control production, and identification was made for the lower model to be as close as possible to the upper model to be ready for work. The optimization problem was demonstrated and solved by using an objective function to increase the degree of hydrogen extraction with a set of restrictions so that the purity is not less than 99.9%.The upper model was placed in a SCADA system and the lower model was placed in a PLC with a PID as an auxiliary controller.In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the control system, a series of simulation experiments were conducted to show that the developed control system handles disturbances in a shorter time than the rest of the control systems currently used in the same field, which increases the degree of hydrogen extraction.