Focus Group on Women's Health

The Honorable President of the University of Technology, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, and in cooperation between the Control and Systems Engineering Department and the Iraqiya Huna team, a focus group session was held for female members of the department and the university on Thursday, 10/12/2023, on the gardens of the University of Technology. The sessions were moderated by the Dr. Sarah Hassan and pharmacist Rula Fakhri, and they talked about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and how to conduct periodic examination. The sessions were held coinciding with the pink month for early detection of breast cancer, where campaigns begin with awareness and self-education, passing through conducting screening and diagnostic examinations, and ending with receiving meds and health monitoring. During the session, a questionnaire was distributed to all participants and the dialogue was opened to discuss this topic due to its importance. At the end of the session, a certificate of appreciation was distributed by the respected Head of the Control and Systems Engineering Department, Dr. Azad Rahim, to the medical team, in appreciation of their volunteer efforts, and a group photo was taken.