Discussion of a Master's Thesis for the Student Shams Abdel Salam Hashem

  On Sunday, the 15th of December 2019, the Master's thesis of the student Shams Abdel Salam Hashem in the specialization of Computer Engineering was discussed in the Control and Systems Engineering Department at Hall (No. 9) of the department. The title of the thesis is “Design of Second Order Sliding Mode Control Algorithm for a Nonlinear System” The Examination Committee included:

Dr. Shibley Ahmed Hamid (Assistant Professor) / Chairman

Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali (Assistant Professor) / Member

Dr. Zakir Mahmoud Nile (Lecturer) / Member

Dr. Ahmed Khalaf Hammoudi (Assistant Professor) /Supervisor and Member

The main topic of the research is how to control the systems at the presence of a disorder (variability of operations and disturbances) that cause bad conditions affecting the performance and stability of the system, and it is considered a difficult task so that the researchers started to develop strong methods of control. This thesis focused on the design of controllers of a solid sliding surface of the first degree (1- SMC) and its extension to the controller with a sliding surface of the second degree (2- SMC) for two algorithms in order to improve the accuracy and durability of the first controller. The exam was attended by the head of the Control and Systems Engineering Department (Assist. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem) and deputy head of the department for scientific research and post-graduate studies. On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Shams Abdel Salam) and we wish her good luck and success in her future career.