The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds Seminars for Postgraduate Students

  On the 4th of February 2020, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held seminars for postgraduate students at the Discussion Hall No. 9 within the scientific activities of the department to achieve scientific benefit by discussing the projects of graduate students in the master research stage of the Mechatronics specialization. These seminars were for the students who passed their complementary round in order to assess what has been accomplished from the student projects and to provide advice and guidance to them. The seminars were for each of the following students:

1- Hussain Shakir Majeed. Research Title: (Sliding Mode Control Strategy for prosthetic finger)

2- Farah Amir Thamir. Research Title: (Automatic Control on the Electromagnetic Radiation inside a Microwave Oven)

These seminars were attended by the Deputy Head for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Study, the administrators of the branches, and several academic staff members.