The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds a Course on Flexible Manufacturing

  On Monday 17/2/2020, the Control and Systems Engineering Department held a three-day course on flexible manufacturing in the Internet Unit of the department. The course dealt with how to gain a competitive value in the market using flexible manufacturing as a strategy to gain a competitive value in the market. The course dealt with three dimensions of flexible manufacturing:

- The first dimension: The factors that push companies to adopt flexible manufacturing.

- The second dimension: The capabilities required to convert to flexible manufacturing.

- The third dimension: How to measure the extent that the company operates within flexible manufacturing. The course was delivered by two of the academic staff of the department, namely:

- Dr. Huthaifa Khalil (Lecturer)

- Loay Thamer Rashid (Assistant Lecturer)

The course was attended by a group of academic and engineering staff of the department. At the end of the course, participants were granted certificates.






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