Master Dissertation Discussion (Noor Mohammad Mehdi)

 The graduate student in the Control and Systems Engineering Department (Noor Mohammad Mehdi) received the master's degree in Computer Engineering after discussing her dissertation entitled "Design and Implementation of Load Balanced Routing Protocol". The discussion was held on Thursday, the 2nd of May 2019, at the Discussion Hall (number 9) in the department. In this regard, the discussion committee consisted of:

1- Asst. Prof. Dr. Abbas Hussein Miri \ Chairman,

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan Jaleel Hassan \ Member,

3- Lect. Dr. Waleed Fawwaz Shareef \ Member,

4- Asst. Prof. Dr. Muna Mohammed Jawad \ Member and Supervisor

In this dissertation, the researcher used a router, which is a device that helps redirect packets from one network to another or from one node to another in the network. The process of transferring data from the source to the destination is called routing and this is done by taking advantage of the best path over the network. The load balancing is an important mechanism used to remove congestion by moving packages from excess nodes to other nodes that are lightly loaded to improve the overall system performance. On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Noor Mohammad Mehdi) and wish her all success.




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