Scientific Activities 2017


Title: The department of control and systems engineering has been held the scientific session about the modern of applications in control and systems


The department of control and systems engineering has been held the scientific session On Tuesday, 14/3/2017 at the conference hall in department. it was attended Mr. president the university of technology a professor dr. Amen Daway Thamer , with many heads of scientific department , members of faculties and students of university Highlighting at the most important of modern applications in control and systems as a result for main role for those systems in the local of industry . Which are controlling the performance for devices and machines for Electrical and electronic. In the opening word Mr. President has affirmed the importance of control and systems engineering as a specialization in the labor market and the country’s is needed it, After a great jumps which is living the country in the quality the devices and  equipments which could be used in institutions of state  and the private sector. Also has confirmed by the head of the department Dr. Azad Rahim which has reference to the important of role for department and university in the graduation are engineers specializing in this field. The department since when had been established was and still almost unique in the country and the Middle East, which gives the certificate of engineering control and systems.

During the seminar sessions, participants have discussed the latest systems of modern control and theories that support them.At the end of the seminar, participants were given awarding the certificates of appreciation. We congratulate all efforts exerted to develop our beloved Iraq and institutions.



Title: The 5th scientific exhibition of human robot and equipment manufactured in the Department of control and systems engineering

Sponsoring by Mr. . President the University of Technology a professor Dr. Amin Daway Thamer The department of control and systems engineering has been  held the 5th  scientific exhibition of robotics and equipment manufactured in one of the scientific activities of the department on 17/4/2017  , The exhibition aims at presenting the projects and equipment manufactured and programmed by the students and professors of the department and enriching them scientifically through observations, proposals and scientific discussions between students, professors and distinguished guests. This exhibition was distinguished from previous years by the large number of projects related to medical applications. This was commended by the Mr. President the University  of technology as these projects  to serve the medical reality in public and private hospitals. The participants affirmation the role of the Department of Control and Systems in supporting their projects and providing the materials for them. In addition to the Head of the Department Dr. Azad Rahim The Department is keen on the application and technological aspect of the project which is carried out in preparation for participation in the exhibition where invitations are directed to attend all government and private institutions to benefit from the scientific ideas of the equipment.

The exhibition included fixed and mobile military robots and various devices manufactured and programmed by the students and professors of the department. At the end of the exhibition, has been honored the three projects which won by Mr. president the university of technology  in other side has been  honored the 10th ranking which won  distinguished projects by the head of department

Title:Honoring the Department of Control and Systems Engineering in support of scientific and cultural activities at the University

In the celebration of the University Day of Technology on 3/4/2017, the Department of Engineering of Control and Systems was  honored by the  Mr . President the University of Technology professor Dr.  Amin Daway Thamer in support of scientific and cultural activities at the University of Technology, where the Mr. President of the University of Technology Dr. Amin Daway Thamer  has been given the Shield to  the head of the Department of Engineering Control and Systems Dr.  Azad Rahim Karim who described the honoring  one of the most  important achievements of the department by combining the scientific, cultural and humanitarian efforts of the professors and employees of the department who worked hard to reach out of the department into this stage.


Title:The department  held  the Scientific and culturing competition between the students of university
Date: 3-4-2017

The department of control and systems engineering has held in an amazing competition  for students  university of technology through the  Celebrations of  the forty-two  anniversary of the founding of the University on Monday 3-4-2017 .

The competition were between  four  departments within the university and departments are :-  : Department of Electrical Engineering , Building and Construction Engineering and department of  Computer Science in order to department of control and systems engineering  .


The competition was  included a variety of subjects including history and geography, physics, chemistry, art,  and puzzles to be based on  collect  of the largest number of points to compete to win through the correct answers to the questions of the competition .

The committee of competition consisted of  : - 

1- Dr . Wael  Shawki Abdul-Saheb / Department of  building and Construction Engineering .

2-  Dr. Enam Ibrahim Ali / Department of Electrical Engineering .

3-  Lecturer Abdul Muhsen Mahmud Abas   /  Department of Control and Systems engineering .

4- Lecturer Alaa Abdul Hussien Hashim / Department of    Computer Science .


And  supervision committee by the department of control and systems engineering  which consist of are :-

Asst Prof . Dr. Muhammed Yusuf  ,  Asst Prof . Dr . Hazem Ibrahim , Lecturer Serwan Waleed Jurjis and Eng. Athel Fhadel Abas  .


Title:Student of control and systems engineering department they visitsGas station into the southern of Baghdad
Date: 9/5/2017

The Department of Control and Systems engineering has been organized a scientific visit to the 2sc southern gas station of Baghdad for the students of the 3/ class of the control engineering branch on Tuesday 9/5/2017 with participants are 29 students by supervision of A.D. Arif Abdulrahman Al-Qassar, Engineer Fatima Abdul Rasool, Sawsan Fadel and Ali Abdel-Sahab – media unit.

The visiting has been included was given the lecture by a specialized engineering staff and was the subject of the lecture about the station and its affiliated units and the principle of the work of gas turbine and associated control systems.

The students then conducted a field tour of one of the units of the station and identify the parts and the principle of work and how to generate electricity. The visit also was covered a number of systems and how to control the station and are the affiliated units it .Mr. Hazim Rassam Ghadhban Al-Saadi welcomed the students and the supervising staff and encouraged the scientific visits and he Confirmed on the importance of communication and scientific and practical cooperation with all educational institutions In the other part Dr.  Aref Al-Qassar who supervisoe the visiting has been submitted the thankful and gratitude for the management of the gas station and its affiliates for their efforts to provide all the needs and provide all facilities for the success of this visit in addition to the detailed and explanation of working the station .

The visiting has the visiting has fulfilled the goal  and expanding the scientific and cognitive horizons of the students and introducing them to the latest developments, especially the control systems and the important role of the control engineer in the work sites in general and in the power generation plants and the oil extraction facilities in particular  .

In closing Dr. Dr. Aref Raheem was thanked the Head of Department Dr. Azad Rahim and Dr. Hazem Ibrahim to provided them the an opportunity to hold scientific visits and encourage the teachers to develop the department and wished all students the success and progress to raise up our dear the university of technology and our great country.



Title:The department participates in the 1st an international festival for science and technology at Sulaymaniyah

The department has been participated in the 1st an international festival for science and technology that has held at Sulaymaniyah on 29-30 / April / 2017.Which has presented the scientific and creativity of projects for students the supervisor by Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali who has accompanied his students that He was the supervisor of one of the groups which were involved in the festival.

The Projects of participation are: -


Name of Project

Name of Supervisor

Name of Student


Designing and implementing of 3D printer

Asst Prof / Dr.

Hazem Ibrahin



Khaldon Wasleed / Senior / Control

Muhanad Hameed / Senior/ Control

Mamoun Abdualah/Senior /Control



Asst Prof / Dr.

Firas Abdul Razaq Rahim

Zaid Kudaier / Senior / Medical of Engineering


Designing and implementing of  Smarter Home

Asst Lecturer

Amer Abd Mansour

Zazar Waleed / Senior / Control




The projects of students have got on admiration all the delegations for festival and Dr. Hazem has got the honoring and certificates of appreciation as well as the students have got the honoring and certificates of appreciation.Its worth noted the universities who have participated at the festival they have gain the honoring as well as the University of Technology has got the shield and certificates of appreciation through has done the best efforts.

In addition to Dr. Hazem Ibrahim has the received the shield and certificates of appreciation behalf on the Mr. President the University of Technology.   





Title:Course in documenting the procedural procedures
Date:30/5/2017- 4/6/2017

The department of engineering control held a three days for the period from 30th  of May to 4th of Jun ,where it was explained how to fill out models of the procedural procedures regarding GLP standards for laboratories  as well as for laboratory procedures .The course was thrown by M.Engineer Rawa Rifaat Khalil under the supervision the Quality division .