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The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds an AutoCAD engineering drawing course 

AutoCad course for engineers staff development has been held at the department on the topic of how to use the AutoCAD application in engineering drawing for a period of five days and concluded on January 31, 2021, for two hours per day held at the Personal Computer Lab 2, with the participation of a group of the department's academics and engineers, where it dealt with several topics, including:

1- Install AutoCAD.

2- Get to know the program interface.

3- Drawing tools.

4- Adjustment tools.

5- Dimensions.

The course was given by lecturers in the department:

Farah Falih Hassan (lecturer)

Evan Isho Corial (lecturer).

All participants expressed the extent to which they benefited from the information presented in the session hoping to hold more technical courses that will enrich their technical information and thank the department for its support.  














The Control and Systems Engineering Department holds seminars for postgraduate students

On January 1st, 2021, the Control and Systems Engineering Department at Hall No. (9), set up seminars within the scientific activities of the department to discuss the research part of graduate students of the M.Sc. degree in the control and computers branch. For students (who have succeeded in the second and supplementary exam attempts) for the purpose of identifying what has been accomplished from the research projects of postgraduate students, providing advice and guidance to students, developing the method of presentation and defending the research project, and achieving scientific benefit transferred from the academic and research staff. 














Sunday, 07 February 2021 15:53

Viva Voice For Master Degree

Viva Voice For Master Degree 

 The master's thesis of the student (Hanan Muhammad Kazem), specializing in (Computer Engineering), was discussed on Sunday January 24, 2021 at the conference room in the Control and Systems Engineering Department, for her research entitled: (Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller as an Active Queue Management for Congestion Avoidance in Internet Routers)

The viva committee consisted of:

1- Dr. Hazem Ibrahim Ali (Professor)/ Chairman.

2- Dr. Mona Muhammad Jawad (Assistant Professor)/ member.

3 -Dr. Ammar Abdul-Malik Abdul-Kareem (Assistant Professor)/ member.

4 -Dr. Ahmed Alaa Akla (Assistant Professor)/ member and supervisor.

In this thesis, the researcher formulated a complex model for (TCP / AQM) and it was simulated first without a controller. The results indicate that the required queue length cannot be traced. Therefore, IT2FLC was designed to achieve better tracking performance and avoid congestion. In networks, multiple evolutionary optimization algorithms were used to choose the optimal parameters of controllers. The results obtained showed that the AQM-based IT2FLC give more acceptable performance compared to those obtained by IT1FCL IT2FLC succeeded in making the queue size track the required level even with changes in many network parameters. The discussion was attended by the Assistant Head of the Department for Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Studies (Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yusef Hassan). On this occasion, we congratulate the student (Hanan Muhammad Kazim) and we wish her continued success in her career. 












A scientific outreaching by students of the Control and Systems Engineering Department to the Information Technology Center 

On Thursday 28/1/2021, the Control and Systems Engineering Department, in coordination with the Information Technology Center, held a scientific visit to the two divisions (Maintenance and Networks) in the Information Technology Center, through which students of the first stage of the Computer Engineering and Control Branch were informed of the internal parts of the computer And how to maintain it, in addition to an explanation of the servers used in the center to distribute the Internet service at the University of Technology with the importance of optical fibers and how to deal with them, by the center’s engineers, and the center’s engineers expressed their willingness to cooperate with the students in answering any question that comes to their minds regarding the two divisions. They have proposed a summer training in the Networks Division to take advantage of the practical application, and the students expressed their benefit from this visit